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This multimedia project draws closer attention to a weekly podcast, What’s the Deal in Peel, to bring to the light the oral histories of various different South Asian narrators that have made contributions to the peel region. We feature 5 historians who look to derive the meaning and connections behind the collected stories. It is a process to understand the various experiences, including the incidents’ social, emotional, and personal implications, to draw ties and connections within the South Asian community. Overall, we focused on three significant themes across all the interviews, including; immigration, the politics of belonging and identity, and education.

Throughout the podcast, people will realize that there is more to oral histories than just a couple of stories and experiences. Rather, it is essential to understand that these experiences cannot be generalized with a film of immigrant bias. Everyone within the podcast was a second-generation immigrant; it was interesting to see that we all went into the interviews with certain expectations of what was going to be heard at one point. The podcast is a glimpse into the realization that these themes that were discussed are not the same across experiences and vary on conditions such as time, place, and origin. Our project’s purpose is to highlight the vast diversity that exists among immigrant groups and within them. As all the narrators negotiated spaces of belonging, they did it quite significantly different from each other; their challenges were distinct and sometimes contrasting, but there existed one common point of inferiority.

There was this nuanced understanding that their lives were not the same as others. That subtle realization of common struggle was enough for the narrators to develop resilience and tough skin┬ábecause it all came down to survival and sustenance at the end of the day. Our podcast shows that oral histories challenge the generalized narratives of experiences and institutionalized versions of history by showcasing the importance of education for negotiating agency, empowerment, and belonging amongst various immigrants’. In conclusion, this podcast was developed with the hopes that we can shine some light into the lives of numerous South Asian individuals and use those experiences to continue to empower the non-conformers and hopefully get a glimpse into the workings of history.